helen with lieschen Biography

Helen Hartnagel was born 1944 in London, England. She grew up in the county of Cornwall, in the beautiful south-west tip of Great Britain. After studying in France and London, she was employed as a foreign language secretary in industry, where she also gave courses for managerial staff in order to acquaint them with the peculiarities of the German language. She is married to a German national and has three grown-up children. Her artistic talents were encouraged and guided by her parents, who were both gifted painters, as well as by her art-teachers. The clear light and the beautiful countryside of her home country and, later on, the gentle hills of the Odenwald in Germany, inspired her to paint many watercolour, oil, pastel and acrylic pictures. People and flowers are also favourite subjects for her artwork.

Helen Hartnagel writes stories for young people and adults who have remained young in spirit, as well as amusing sketches and essays. In the medical field, she has written a report on self-help for relief from neuralgia resulting from shingles - obtainable from her directly as a reprint. She has developed her own pain therapy and has already been able to help many people with her advice.