Prahova Valley, Sinaia, Rumania Taffy, my hamster Picture of Pine, for Martin Sun setting over Cretan Mountain Range 2004 Sascha, Ramona's Freund, fⁿr Geschichte, 05 Castellane Maples, Ohio In the elm's shadow, Ohio Spiez Castle Woodland Glade in SpringNative Pine, Virginia,U.S.A. 23.09.05 Watercolour and Guache on Watercolour paperCivita di Bagnoregio Coniston Water, Lake District Beechwood near Brandau, Odenwald Exmouth   Devon   Summer 2002 Herchenrode, pen and ink and watercolour LeganΘs, near Madrid, Spain Twisted Olive Tree in Frascati,  near Rome,Italy, 19.12.2007, blue colours enhanced,jpg View of the Ohlyturm from our Loung Canoe Birches, Ohio White Cherry, July 2004, Pen and Ink and Watercolour Daphne Odora variegata Studies of Indian Flowers Great Miami River from Triangle Park, Dayton, Ohio, June  1978 Madagascar Nature Lodge, November 2012 JPG

other techniques pictures by Helen Hartnagel