Lower Rhineland Landscape with horse and cows Winter Scene,Northumberland Norwegian Sunset Lower Rhineland Landscape The Seventh Wave, Cornwall Cakes of Bread, Derbyshire Tranquility, Nara, Japan Bare Tree on the Moors Odenwald Farmhouse in Herchenrode,circa 1979 Autumn near Klein Bieberau, Odenwald Frozen Lake, Buchteich, Ernsthofen Sunny Memories, Mali Losinj,Croatia Farm near Steigerts Dunstanburg Castle Ruins, Northumberland Autumn Peace, Northumberland Narcissi Salome in a green vaseAutumn in Geldern, Germany Winter Beech Trees in Neunkirchen Wild Sea, 50 x 60,5 cmm Frankenstein Castle Pond in our Garden Mystery Moon Wild Day on the Moors, Peak District Life Cycle,Derwent Valley Heleakala Mountain, Maui, Hawaii Cottage on the Pennine Way The Wyming Brook, Lodgemoor,Sheffield Lower Rhineland Landscape II   1986

Oil pictures by Helen Hartnagel Oil on canvas 18 cm x 24 cm